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We select natural ingredients and make 'healthy organic cosmetics'

in a nature-friendly way


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Hwado cosmetics is promise to give honest reviews.

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 Eco Green ― Hermful ingredients 0%

Green tea, fruits, vegetables, grains, and other ingredients

that have proven their stability and effectiveness.

Eco Green ― Harmful ingredients 0%

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15 Jun 2021
Views 5

Wearing feeling and absorption all good ~~~

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15 Jun 2021
Views 3

Vitamin cosmetic is first time for me~~~

I purchased with doubt.^^ Even though one week passed and still freckle was remained, I would like to watch more! But my husband told me my face tone became bright.^^ ( I have the reason to paste one month more ^^ !)

Perfume is thick lemon ??? I felt it makes me dribble at my mouth.

I felt it was not fit to me because of little stinging but I using well from second day without stinging ^^~~~Viscosity is about slowly rolling down opaque liquid without sticky? I keep the rule of refrigeration as heard it would be good^^!

I would like to certify after escaping freckle. I will use diligently for a month~~.


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15 Jun 2021
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I purchsed this product by pre-ordering because I was really satisfied after using samples in event period. My skin type is oily&dry and sensitive, and also in trouble by comedonal acne frequently. But I have used this product and cream almost for 2 weeks and satisfied very much~ Especially it was fantastic when felt the relaxing by spraying after pressing out comedonal acne.~~~!

I was surprised my skin was moist by spraying one skin lotion one time something like containing essence with protecting surfacee of skin also perfumed herb, not like general skin lotion flew out in one time! It’ shows excellent moisturizing! When I spray skin lotion and snap slightly then paste vitamin C and cream like set, I don’t need anymore skin care ~~~! When I received samples first time I did pasted other company’s moisturizing cream same time but the result was terrible. So, I’m using only 3 products of Hawdo and will use continuously in the future!!

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15 Jun 2021
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I was always in trouble of stain and freckle and used various kinds of cosmetics including many vitamin C serums, but I guess there are not effective to me.~~

Hwado is Best !!! I had used 5 bottles and ordered 5 bottles again ~~

It’s so good and thankful to give Green tea water and Green tea water Lotion samples~~~

All ingredients of Hwado

Slow & Organic

Water Base - Organic Fermented Green Tea Water

'Green tea',the optimal ingredient for basic care, clear and healthy skin.

All of Hwado's products use organic fermented green tea water instead of purified water.

Oil Base - Fermented Plant Oil

Instead of petrochemical oils, only natural plant pils such as camellia, olive and coconut are used.

The fermentation method divide the particles finely, it has a refreshing feeling without stickiness.

Natural moisturizer

It is a liposomal natural moisturizer that is wrapped in low-molecular hyaluronic acid with phospholipids and delivers

moisture deep into the skin.

Natural soothing ingredients

Patented ingredients made from extracts of potato, centella asiatica, cordyceps sinensis, abd magnolia flower to help restore skin condition with immediate soothing effect.

Natural vitamins

It uses natural vitamins tha are safe and highly absorbed to the skin, such as natural fruit acerola extract and vegetable tocopherol.

Natural aroma

Instead of synthetic fragrances, natural aromas that enhance the fragrance and efficacy of the product are used, and only a small

amount is added according to the restriction criteria so that there is no worry about any allergies.

Zero harmful ingredients

 - We use ingredients that have been sufficiently proven to be safe and affective auch as green tea, fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Hypoallergenic prescription

- With the predcription of patented ingredients that relieve skin irritation and troubles, you can rest assured from baby skin to sensitive skin.

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