Hwado(化道) is 
to make slow cosmetic like a slow food for the skin.

Concerns about environmental pollution and chemicals are increased as much as a convenient life.

We prepared for you who carefully take care of each ingredients of list of products.

For 20 years in korea

It is a 'real natural cosmetic' brand born in BST company's cosmetic research institute, 

which has been leading natural raw material technology in Korea for 20 years.

we fill 100% relief of natural ingredients even up to 1% of the last additives.

Slow & Organic

Hwado aims for “slow cosmetic” that excludes chemical components as well as chemical processes.

The fermentation 
story of Hwado
Hwado adheres to the method of fermentation because it is an ideal way to make natural cosmetic.
Fermented microorganisms finely digest the beneficial ingredients of natural ingredients and make them well absorbed into the skin.
It also adds good ingredients such as organic acids.
And above all, it is an eco-friendly and safe method compared to chemical processing methods.
How to make Hwado Cosmetics
Features of Hwado
Harmful ingredients 0%

Materials such as green tea, fruits, vegetables and grains, that have been proven in safety and effectiveness are used.

Hypoallergenic prescription

With a patented ingredient prescription that heals sensitive skin irritation and troubles.

Safe from delicate baby skin to sensitive skin.

Cosmeceutical cosmetic recipes

It was created based on our cosmeceutical cosmetic recipes which is excellent effect.

Organic green tea water

What is the most common ingredient in cosmetic? water!

Hwado products use green tea water instead of purified water.

Lightly and refreshingly

By applying fermentation technology, it is absorbed lightly and refreshingly without the feeling applied only to the outside and without the white cast existing in natural cosmetics.

Hwado Cosmetics