HWADO means ' The right way to cosmetics '

The more convenient the life has become, the more pollution of the environment, and the more concern for the chemical substances.

HWADO was born for you who thoroughly examine every detail in an ingredients label.

100% Natural, Safe Ingredients

HWADO is a brand from a natural material lab focusing on natural and

safe ingredients for skin care.

with its exclusive patented technology,

HWADO only considers 100% safe ingredients

such as edible natural preservatives.


HWADO pursues 'SLOW & ORGANIC' which not only excludes chemical ingredients, but also chemical processing.

HWADO’s  SLOW & ORGANIC is ‘slow food’

for skin, thoughtfully prepared with time and care in a health-conscious process with prudently selected ingredients from nature.

Manufacturing Process of HWADO
1. Selection of Raw Material

Pick and choose only

the nature’s wholesome ingredients

2. Cold Brew

Extract the active ingredients in tact

3. Double Fermentation

Double fermentation of Lactobacillus and yeast

for skin to digest and absorb better

4. Low Temperature Aging

Low Temperature Aging

5. Low Temperature Aging

Mix via HWADO’s unique special secret recipe!

6. Completed Product

Packaged in a safety container

preventing contamination

HWADO’s Fermentation Story

HWADO persists in its fermentation procedures because it is truly the ideal technique to produce natural cosmetic.

The fermented microorganisms digest the beneficial elements of the natural raw material into smaller particles, assisting the skin to better absorb all the advantages.

Also, the microorganisms add good components such as organic acid. Most of all, it is a more environment-friendly and a safer mechanism compared to chemical processing.

Essence of HWADO

Zero harmful ingredients

uses sufficiently verified ingredients. Such as green tea, furits, vegetables, and grains.

Hypoallergenic Prescription

patented ingredients that block skin irritation and trouble also protect the sensitive skin with comfort.

Professional’s Secret Recipe

with our cosmeceutical recipe the ingredients are gentle while the efficacy is powerful.

Hadong Organic Green Tea Water

do you know that principal composition of cosmetics is purified water?

HWADO uses green tea water in place of all purified water to help nurture clear skin

Light and fresh

With the fermentation technique,

it leaves a breathable, delicate feel on the skin without white cast and heavy oil slick on your face.

Hwado Ⅹ  Hadong

Our Organic Hadong Green Tea Water Tale

Hwado Cosmetics