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HWADO uses Organic Hadong Green Tea Water instead of purified water for all of its products.
Hadong Green Tea

Hadong is the birthplace of green tea in Korea when the seeds were brought in and officially cultivated in the area about 1200 years ago in the reign of King Heungdeok of Silla Kingdom.

Hadong is a region where the foot of the pure Mountain Jiri meets with the Seomjin River. It is misty and high in humidity with a wide diurnal temperature range which makes it the optimal environment for tea tree cultivation.

Cho-ui Seonsa (Korean monk) mentioned in Dongdasong that “It is said in Dagyeong that the tea trees are grown best when grown in crevices of rocks, and all the tea fields in Hwagaedong are valleys and rock crevicies.

The tea tree in Hadong contains the fundamental energy of life itself that has grown steadfastly.

The founder of Hwado was once walking along the Mount Jiri’s Dulle-gil  and ran into an old lady who was working in the tea field of Hadong. He passed the time of day and bought some green tea from her.

The old lady who tends her tea field without pesticides and manure was over 80 years old, yet her face and hands were remarkably soft and supple.

“They say green tea is really good for skin. My hands feel silky after picking the tea leaves. I mix some green tea powder with honey and put in on my face, and after taking a nap, all my wrinkles go hide somewhere.”

The Beauty Effect of Green Tea

The Beauty Effect of Green Tea

The polyphenol contained in green tea helps to soothe the skin.

Green tea baths are also effective for nourishing lustrous skin.

After drinking tea, dry the tea leaves in shade. Then, soak them in your bath water, and your skin becomes moist and shiny.

That is why green tea is called a cosmetic one can drink or cleanse with.

The cosmetic effect of green tea  has been proved for the last 1200 years as we have been drinking and applying it. It is pure and clean beauty.

It is the beauty of healthy and vibrant skin by its nature.

It is the reason HWADO decided to replace all regular water with green tea water in its cosmetic.

Hadong’s “Fourth-Harvest Leaves”

For drinking purposes, young leaves harvested early in the spring are preferred. It is because the tender leaves newly sprouting in spring taste better as they contain less tannin and more amino acid.

However, the content of catechin which nourishes clear and healthy skin is more abundant in the mature leaves picked in autumn.

By using the “fourth harvest leaves” for cosmetic production that generally fail to get a lot of attention for drinking quality green tea products, HWADO not only protects nature but also protects the local green tea farmers.

HWADO bears Hadong with heart.

HWADO embodies the rightful slowness, nature, local life, and sustainability with heart.

Embodying Hadong, Embracing Hadong – HWADO X HADONG

HWADO(化道) means                                            
                      ‘ the right way to cosmetics ’
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